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Supa Oldie Soccer

Summer Round 15


After a break for the new lights to go in, playing SOS again was a much anticipated Thursday.

The B teams started with Laser Sharks vs The Hardware Shed. A mostly even match 3-1 The Hardware Shed’s way, the Refs pick going to Bridie Tilse. Notso Athelico vs Elders saw a game played at less than walking pace. The games highlight, being when Pommy tripped over his own feet. Elders went down 1 to 2. Monday Mates vs Optus Red Frogs was a fast tempo match with great defending from both sides. Optus Red Frogs conceded an own goal following goals by Pat Sab, D Parkin. Then a fluke by K McPherson was followed up by a clean goal P Gorrie. Ending the game 5 to 0 Monday Mates way.

The A teams kicked off with six 6pm games. Valley Signs vs Butter Chicken was a tightly fought game. Valley Signs taking the win over Butter Chicken 2 to 1. The Mob vs Total Graffiti had a 2 all draw, as a true reflection of the game. Shockers vs Grafton High was a very fair game. Both teams had many attempts at the goal. Shockers were the only ones with any luck, taking the win 2 to 0. Poles & Holes vs CHS Training was obviously a tight game at 2 to 3 CHS Training’s way. The Refs pick going to D Hayes. South vs Wii Not Fit was a game of ups and downs with no team giving an inch. In the end both teams ended in a nil all draw. The 6.50pm games had Campbells Cougars vs River Rats in a fast paced game that went from one end of the field to the other. Both teams had plenty of chances, but in the end Campbells Cougars won 3 to 0. Old Guns vs Misfits went the Misfits way 2 to 0. J Powell received the refs pick. Tradelink vs The Supremes was a very friendly game with both teams in good form. With equal shots at goal Tradelink secured a win 2 to 0.



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